An excerpt of completed projects and ongoing developments

[WEBAPP] Smart-Way

Mobile web application designed for Yachting

The Smart-way application is designed to fit hight end Yatchs.
It enables sucured control of ganways, sunbedings, cranes, doors and sky domes : see the video.

Mobile web application compatible on iPhone / iPad, Android et Windows Phone.


  • Mobile web application
  • jQuery mobile framework
  • Embedded automation control
  • Smartway by Snoll

[WEBAPP] Eye See U

At least a web application for the famous iPhone application EyeSeeU !

The EyeSeeU portal synchronizes with all the video cameras created within the iPhone / iPad application ! Get all your parameters back and the unique EyeSeeU experience from any web browser.

Web 2.0 application, n-tier architecture and web design integration.


  • Web design integration
  • MJPEG streams within IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari
  • Web services, databases, HTTP frames

[WEB] Guitare Facile

Learn how to play guitar on the web

This platform provides a progressive learning within time by un-blocking videos gradually as the user makes progress.
Rich and dynamic content, HD videos, exercises and bonus downloads create a unique ambiance !

E-learning platform on top of CodeIgniter and jQuery.


[WEBAPP] Vigipad

Online video-surveillance application

Designed for a large audience, this system enables controlling almost any IP video surveillance cameras of the market (wired or wireless) from any computer in the world through Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome or Firefox.

This application was together developed on IPhone enabling full syncing of the system through client to server XML communication.


  • Development based around PHP/MySQL and AJAX technologies
  • Web Services using REST communication
  • UML database and object design

[APP] LiveInspector

Video surveillance for Android

This is the application that goes along LiveInspector web !
After secured login, the Android application downloads the configuration from the web server and enables control of the same video cameras from the mobile phone : PAN, TILT, ZOOM, ALARM, image captures…

Android application designed for mobiles running Android 2.1+


  • JAVA/Android SDK development on Eclipse
  • Web Services using REST communication
  • MJPEG streams decoding
  • Google Play

[APP] gCam

Application Android de vidéo surveillance

Take control over IP video cameras from your Android-based mobile phone!
Live video streaming, Pan-Tilt-Zoom control, triggering motion detection areas…

Ongoing project, soon available on the Android Market!


  • Development based on the Android/JAVA framework
  • IDE environment: Eclipse and ADT plugin (Android Development Tools)
  • MJPEG stream, HTTP communications

[WEB] Change’Up

International Recruitment Specialist

Change’Up is an innovative executive search company adapting to a challenging and changing recruitment market.

A web site with logo and corporate identity which integrates a Human Resources management platform.


  • Logo and corporate identity
  • Web design
  • CMS and Human Resources integration

[APP] ESA and Cardiostim

Android applications dedicated to congresses

ESA and Cardiostim applications and show and browse the whole congress program it refers to.
Users can create their on schedules, navigate interactive maps and search for specific speakers/sessions/programs.

This project aimed to optimize and extend an existing Android application.


  • Embedded database and syncing
  • Android development
  • Code optimization and graphic customization
  • ESA and Cardiostim on Google Play

[WEB] L’Élégante

High end reception room

Combining style and elegance, this unique reception room is based around Brest, France.

Complete solution provided : logo, corporate design, visit cards, web design and integration.