Working as a software engineer as of 2003, I was involved in the early beginning of two startups working around the field of the “smarthome”, also called the “digital home”.

ConvergeX, an English company headquarted in London, focussed the developments around Microsoft Windows Media Center, the computer at the heart of the living room. Mangrove Capital Partners, a Luxembourg venture capital company that made a resounding success when investing in Skype at that time, also took part in our adventure.

In 2005, Pulse Technologies took a radically opposed direction moving forward an embedded solution, yet based around Microsoft technologies. Co-headed and funded by Dubaï in the United Arab Emirates, we aroused Intel Capital interest as of 1 million US Dollars in 2009.

En 2010, I have decided to settle myself as a freelance engineer and to form INTERACTIVE LAYER, a company focussed on the convergence of two worlds: web and mobile applications.
I am now working with other freelance specialists to provide a full range of expertise, consultancy, services and engineering resources for managing projects end to end in these fields.